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Conventional wisdom is usually correct, you need to realize that it became conventional because after all, it worked in the past.  But although conventional thinking usually eliminates mistakes, it also prevents the “outside the lines” thinking that is necessary for truly GREAT ideas.

Let’s look at an example:  Wheatland Custom Homes and Remodeling was asked to design a home on a corner lot with building envelope and slope challenges.  There is the existing street on the narrow side, new street on the wide side.  The lot slopes the wrong way, because of the building envelope and storm water inlet, the garage needs to go on the low side.  And it is an infill lot between newer homes and older classic style homes.

Conventional wisdom says that the house needs to be part of the new home community, with the front door facing the new street.  And design some kind of basement garage, a bilevel would be perfect!  But really, a bilevel?  This is 2013, not 1970.  Hold on, this is about custom home designing, so why must the front door face the wide side of the lot, why can’t it face the narrow side, the existing street?  Why can’t the new house imitate the character of the existing classic homes?  The driveway will enter off the new street, with the garage dropping a couple steps to follow the grade. wg17a farmhouseAnd since a couple more steps would be helpful, let’s design a stepped down family room between the house and garage.  Wow, this might just work!!  And oh yeah, the cost is critical.  How about the total package of $235,000?  Might just work in Susquehanna Township!

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