Energy Efficient Homes

Wheatland Custom Homes has always built their homes with energy conservation in mind. Look for these advantages of owning an energy efficient home:

Lower utility bills

energy-star-logoYou have more important things to spend money on than utility bills. The energy-efficient features in an energy-efficient home save homeowners money every month. Homebuyers can expect to save between $200 and $400 annually by living in one of our homes.

Comfort and quiet

Your family will love the relaxing comfort of our homes. Tight construction, better windows, and improved insulation not only keep out excessive heat, cold, and noise but also ensure consistent temperatures throughout the home—making our homes more comfortable to live in.

Lower maintenance

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a low-maintenance home. Long-lasting, efficient equipment make our homes more durable, preventing a lot of maintenance headaches you’ll find in typical homes.

Healthier indoor air

Your family will breathe easier in one of our energy efficient homes. Tight construction and proper ventilation work together to keep dust, pollen, and pests out of the home.

Protect the environment

Purchasing a new Wheatland home is a decision you can be proud of. Our energy efficient homes reduce our nation’s energy needs and prevent air pollution by consuming less energy.

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