Custom Home Building 101; to build or not to build

So you decided that you want to build a custom home for your family.  Is it because you found a lot in just the right location?  Or you’ve been looking at existing homes for sale and are not finding one that has the features you need?  Or want a home that is uniquely your own?  Well, a custom built home may indeed be the answer.  The good news is that you get to select the features you need, you get to build it on a lot of your choice, you get to select your building team.  In short, you get to pick stuff.  But the bad news is the same as the good news; you have to pick stuff, you have to select a lot, you have to select a plan with the features you need.  So where do you start?

Budget, Plan/features, Lot; the most difficult items.  The budget is the overriding issue.  Everyone has to work within a budget, large or small.  So the sooner you establish a realistic budget, the better.  Run the budget by a mortgage lender to make sure you can afford the payments.  Run the budget by a builder to make sure you can get the plan and features you need (and some of the features you want).  Then you can calculate what you can afford for a lot.  Lots have several decision points; location, cost, construction complications.  A long driveway costs more to install, and more to maintain than a shorter one.  A 3 acre lot will cost more to seed, landscape and mow than a .5 acre lot.  All these variables should be considered when deciding on a lot.  By the way, one more consideration, there is an unlimited number of plans and features available for a home.  Wheatland Custom Homes and Remodeling can build a small or a larger home, modern or traditional, stone or siding; a wide variety of sizes, styles, features.  But there is only a limited number of lots available, land is just not being made anymore.

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Wheatland Custom Homes and Remodeling has been building fine homes, additions and restorations in south central Pennsylvania for over 20 years.

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