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Your home, your castle.  If you live in an extreme weather zone, how do you protect yourself from the weather?  How do you protect the citizenry from the potential weather?  Is the answer Government mandates for safe construction?  Or is the answer market driven?  In the wake of the weather disaster(s) in Oklahoma, the debate heats up.

Since in south central Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, York, Lancaster) we are not in a high wind (tornado or hurricane) zone, our new home construction building codes do not need to be concerned about extreme weather.  But it does bring to mind another issue, that of man caused home disaster.  In some areas, there is concern about fire and personal security in our castles.  And there is a solution, providing home security by construction of a “safe” room in your new house.  A safe room is used for personal safety in times of emergency, as well as for fire protection of valuables.  The room is constructed of reinforced concrete, with a vault door.  vault-door           Fort Knox sales a vault door, we build the safe room, and they bring the door out and install it.  In talking to the Fort Knox dealer about a current project, they have also been supplying them for safe rooms that are being built in existing homes.  While installation during construction in a new home is more convenient; if there is access to the existing basement, installation as a remodel project can be economically completed by the Wheatland Custom Homes and Remodeling team.  For more information, contact

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